Keto diet

Keto Pause for Party

My ketogenic diet has been going well. I’m already down 15lbs in only two weeks.

But yesterday, I wanted a break. I went way over my 20g carb limit and blew my protein limit as well. It felt so good despite the fact that in the past few weeks I haven’t felt at all deprived.

Because in the past two weeks, I haven’t been missing delicious food (hello – bacon, Brie, eggs with hollandaise sauce), I haven’t been missing vegetables (I’m eating spinach, mushrooms and celery, and taking a multivitamin) and I haven’t been missing the feeling of being satiated (all that fat really does the job) – but I have been missing something.

With every gram of food carefully reported in my Lifesum app, I have not deviated from the diet at all, until last night. Which means I have been missing that backstabbing friend – non essential food. Let’s call her Nef.

Nef is a party.

She’s fun and eager to boost you up when you’re feeling down. She makes watching a movie even more fun and takes holidays to a whole new level. But like a crazy stalker, once you let her in, she’s very hard to get rid of. Without disclosing her intentions before the party – she moves in with you after, and unpacks her bags on your butt, under your arms, around your thighs, I mean, the girl knows how to make room for herself. And for the past two weeks, I’ve evicted her. I’m not saying I miss my room-mate, but I’ve missed the parties.

Today I’m back on track. I’ve shut the party down. And right now Nef is at Starbucks using their free internet access to look for a new place to crash. She’s not mad. Our split was amicable because I told her that even though I don’t think we can party everyday anymore, every couple of weeks or so, I’ll definitely be calling her number.


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