Keto diet

Christmas Miracles

My mother is a very special woman. We were not able to be together for Christmas/New Years this year because she is serving a mission with my Dad in Romania, so she sent my sisters and I a beautiful email to help us to feel closer to her while she is so very far away. Below is a small except from that email:

To my beautiful FAMILY,
I want to wish all of you a very happy New Year. It is my hope you will have peace, love and joy in your hearts…may your year be a year of goodness, strength, contentment and appreciation for your many blessings. May the Lord bless you with many miracles (you just need to ask)…

From the land of your ancestors, ROMANIA, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ❤️
Love you so much,

I took her email to heart. I said a prayer and asked God to help me to finally lose some weight this year.

And then, like a dove soaring above Noah’s ark, the most beautiful diet on earth appeared to me – from my Lifesum app. A diet that told me to eat bacon everyday and sometimes have whipped cream for supper. That’s right – just whipped cream. My diet said “Char, have you ever wanted to just eat a chunk or two of brie cheese for lunch? Well now you can! And if you want to eat that chunk of deliciously creamy cheese on top of a piece of crisp fatty bacon–all the better!!”

Ladies and gents, I have stumbled across the Ketogenic diet. This is probably old news to most people reading this as I’m sure many of you have already tried the diet and then reluctantly decided to go off it after your first heart attack. However, I have been out of the fad diet scene for some time now so this diet seems pretty awesome. I’m already down 10 lbs so I’m eager to see how far I can ride this ridiculous, sloppy burger without the bun, cheese on top of everything, bacon everywhere, train.

And if losing weight while eating that crap isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.



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